Booze Fairies during pandemic times

While the coronavirus continues to circulate around the world, in the United States some women had a brilliant idea to “cheer up” the moments of isolation and sadness caused by the pandemic, bringing a little joy even to strangers.

Inspired by Tinker Bell, Peter Pan’s fairy friend, mothers and children, many of them dressed as fairies, go out into the streets spreading love and hope with little gifts left anonymously, on the doors of the neighborhood houses.

Fairies in the neighborhood

We do not know where or when this new sport started in the country, but like the covid, this movement spread quickly in several states.

The kids love to help dust

On Long Island, NY, some friends started the movement in the neighborhood where they live. They created a Facebook group called ” Booze Fairies”. In the gift bag, in addition to an alcoholic drink, there are also snacks, chocolates and other souvenirs. In less than a week, the group received more than 50 people interested in participating in the movement, a number that is increasing every day.

In the game there is no obligation to return the gift to the fairy who left the bag at the door, but whomever receives it ends up wanting to participate and give back in some way.

One of the dusted house

From this game, many titles have already emerged, such as the wine fairy, fruit and flower fairy, pet fairy, etc. Fairies choose a theme and make a gift kit. Children love to participate and already know that in the bags there are also candies, sweets, chocolates or toys for their joy, in addition to drinks and other goodies for the fairy mother.

Dusting treats

Because of the pandemic, many movements like this are going viral across the country. Leaving a little gift at the neighbor’s door and sneaking out without being seen, or getting home and seeing a gift bag at the front door, has been one of the great joys during the pandemic and a great reason to believe in a better world when the pandemic is over!

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