Colorado, a fantastic destination to enjoy all year round

  *by Ana Paula Garrido – O Melhor da viagem 

One of the most interesting states in the United States, Colorado is privileged by nature, with much of its territory occupied by forests, plateaus, valleys and the beautiful Rocky Mountains, with no less than 54 peaks over 4,000 feet high.

Beautiful nature- by AP Garrido
Wild ducks on the lake – foto AP Garrido

The vast region has beautiful snow-capped landscape in winter that melts in summer forming graceful lakes, dozens of hot springs, more than 12 parks, national monuments, springs of important American rivers, over 20 beautiful scenic routes to explore and if that is not enough, about 300 days of sunshine and blue skies all year round complete this dream scenario.

Outdoor Living

Exuberant Nature- by AP Garrido

The destination invites residents and tourists to enjoy the outdoors with many attractions, during the 4 seasons. Colorado is an explosion of colors and flowers in spring and summer amidst green forests. In the fall, the scenery changes, and the leaves of the trees that color the forests in different shades, finally give way to white snow that takes care of the mountains and gives the joy of the winter sportsmen in the famous ski resorts of the region .

Beautiful afternoon in Colorado – by AP Garrido


The Union Station in Denver – by AP Garrido

A modern city surrounded by nature, the fresh mountain air and wild landscapes less than an hour from the capital, make Denver and the entire state of Colorado one of the best travel destinations and one of the coolest places to live in the USA. It is no wonder that many tourists have sought the destination as a vacation option and several Americans have chosen to live in Colorado because of the quality of life that the state offers. Nowadays, buying a house there requires a lot of patience because of the huge demand and a house put up for sale can close in less than 24 hours!

The charming Larimer Square in Denver- by AP Garrido

The journey through Colorado must begin in Denver, a city located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, exactly 1 mile above sea level. The “Mile High City”, as the state capital is known, has lots of green area, more than 200 beautiful parks, many attractions that can be explored by bike and a variety of attractions to please all ages. The city holds stories, curiosities and legends of the Wild West, beautiful architecture and dozens of museums and venues that preserve the characteristics and personality of the Cowboys era, but Denver is also a vibrant city and has been attracting young people that want to be outdoors and surrounded by nature.

Cowboy Style to hipster chic

Cowboy Style – by AP Garrido

For those who do not give up being up to date on the latest trends and the fashion styles, a must stop to explore the most authentic cowboy style of the Old West is the Rockmount Ranch Wear store, with hats and shirts used by rock stars and famous actors.  Denver also shows its most modern and cosmopolitan side, in the streets of the Cherry Creek District, with its very interesting shops. It is worth a stroll along the 16th Street Mall, a friendly promenade with shops, cafes and restaurants.

Craft Beers

Beer tour is a must – by AP Garrido

 Denver is one of the largest manufacturers of handmade beer in the world, with great options of breweries, creative labels and small scale production. A Beer tour is a good opportunity to get to know various brands and taste the most delicious beverages manufactured in Colorado. The Tivoli brewing Company, the oldest brewery in the state, the hip Ratio in RiNo, the Blue Moon and dozens of other breweries are part of the great beer route.

Good beer in Denver – by AP Garrido

Music and art

Avanti F&B, restaurant with a view- by AP Garrido

Denver is full of interesting museums, nice restaurants and bars, and intensive nightlife in charming neighborhoods like Larimer Square with historic Victorian buildings. Another trendy place is the newly reformed Union Station train station, with great restaurants and bars. The city also has the Denver Pavilions, a great entertainment and shopping complex.

Mecca of Music

Red Rocks

Red Rocks Park is one of the most iconic open spaces of music in  the Red Mountains, which function as a natural acoustics in a truly magical setting. Watching a show at this location at the end of the afternoon, while seeing the last rays of sunshine illuminate the Red Mountains is an unforgettable experience!

Blue Bear and Union Station

The Blue Bear – by AP Garrido

The city offers many attractions, but one of the most curious is the gigantic sculpture of a blue bear by artist Lawrence Argent. The huge Blue Bear, is standing “snoping” what is happening at the Convention center.  Another cool place is the Union Station, reopened in celebration of its 100 years in 2014. The beautiful station has great bars and restaurants, a boutique hotel and yes, still works as a train station witch has become one of the most visited points of the city.

Cannabis Tour

Cannabis Station

Cannabis products

Many people do not know that Colorado is one of the American States where the cannabis industry is legalized not only for medicinal use, but also for recreational use. For those who are curious, it is possible to take the tour of Cannabis, to know the whole process, from planting to manufacturing products such as: chocolates, biscuits, cakes, sweets, remedies, etc., sold legally in stores that are known as Cannabis Stations.


Alberta Fall

Close to Denver, the natural beauties of Rocky Mountain National Park promise to delight any tourist. An unforgettable experience for those who enjoy outdoor sports and lush landscapes.

Beautiful scenario

During winter, it is possible to enjoy the ski resorts. For those who enjoy relaxing programs, it is also possible to take advantage of the thermal stations, the beautiful lakes, waterfalls and wonderful SPAs in the mountains.

Winter in Colorado

During summer you can enjoy rafting, camping, fishing, canoeing, horseback riding, mountaineering, climbing, biking, etc.

Spa in Paradise

Devil´s Thumb Ranch- by AP Garrido

Devil ´ s Thumb Ranch is a wonderful option for those who want to forget the world and relax among beautiful landscapes overlooking the snowy Mountains and wildlife, in comfortable cabins with fireplace, SPA treatments  and jacuzzi. Pure luxury!


Boulder city – by AP Garrido

Another destination worth exploring is Boulder, a charming university city, with the vibrancy of a place full of young people, with lively restaurants, bars,  breweries, music on the streets and many outdoors activities.

With so many amazing places to visit, Colorado is definitely a place to go before you die!

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