Where to travel during Pandemic times

*by Ana Paula Garrido

In times of pandemic and quarantine, you can’t think of traveling anywhere in the world, but it is a great opportunity to travel within yourself.

In such a short time, the world was swept away by a wave of fear and panic. Continents, countries and cities were isolated and people confined. The new Coronavirus has shown the world that we are all vulnerable in any part of the planet, that there is no homeland, nor borders that prevent the pandemic. It doesn’t matter if we are poor or rich, neither does religion, color, race or sex make any difference, we can all be affected.

Colorado – photo AP Garrido

We already know the risks we are taking and we also know that everything passes and that it will also pass. Life will return to normal, but until that day comes, what lessons can we learn from all of this? The way we were going, where would we end up? The universe is giving us the opportunity to slow down. Take the opportunity to travel. Travel within yourself, to breathe, reflect and change! How are we going to look at our lives, our neighbors and our planet after this nightmare is over?

Arizona – photo AP Garrido

What an exceptional moment the universe is providing us to think about so many questions! Time to take care of yourself, family and people. It is time to stay at home and take advantage of the forced quarantine to to chat, play and enjoy the family.

Colorado – USA – photo AP Garrido

Take the opportunity to watch good movies, play your favorite music and dance with joy. Take advantage of cell phones and technology to say hi to all the people you love, friends and relatives whom you can’t meet in person. Learn something new. The internet is full of free classes. Magazines and books are being made available free of charge. You can even take virtual trips to visit museums, cities and countries.

Flórida – photo AP Garrido

Take the time to think about what you can do for the world. How can you help your neighbor, your neighborhood, your city to be a better place? Sing in the window, teach something you do well, donate books, offer help to those in need, share love, distribute solidarity. Send affection notes to those who collect your garbage and serve you in pharmacies and supermarkets. Help the less fortunate by donating food. Clap your hands for doctors and professionals who are so dedicated to saving lives. Do something good to the world.

Spring is here – photo AP Garrido

While the population has been quarantined, nature around the world seems to be grateful. Birds can be heard in the silence. Without pollution, the air is cleaner, the sky clearer and starrier. Seas, rivers and lakes are cleaner and crystalline and the flowers are blooming.

Flowers & Butterflies in Maryland – foto AP Garrido

Let’s take advantage of this extraordinary moment that the universe is bringing us to stop. When all this is over, let´s make the world a much better place to live and travel!

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